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  • MarrLand is a 2,785.82 acre parcel of land that contains the Marr Estates residential subdivisions of the MarrLand Tract (1) and MarrLand Units A, B, C, 2 & 3

  • The Marr Estates Foothill Lots originally consisted of over 3,500 residential lots as part of the MarrLand Country Club, now there are only about 100 of these high demand and rare residential hillside lots remaining. 

  • These are mostly undeveloped residential lots. 

  • All Utilities available

  • Road access reserved

  • Develop or Hold to realize a Huge Return on your Investment

  • Subdivided Residential Land is at a Premium in Simi Valley and will only go Higher !

About the Neighborhood & Why MarrLand remains mostly undeveloped

  • Recent planned housing developments subdivided out of the old 2,785.82 acre MarrLand Country Club & Marr Estates property includes: Shadow Hawk, Silverthorn, Encantada & the Crest at Wild Horse Canyon. And several Custom homes along Tapo Canyon Road.

  • The homes in adjacent developments are valued in the Million dollar and above range

  • Las Llajas Canyon, Chivo Canyon, and Tapo Canyon trails are popular nature areas within the MarrLand & Marr Estates properties

  • The MarrLand residential subdivision contains the dry Las Llajas canyon earthen Dam Face resulting from the expenditure of over $10 million dollars on 1970s failed attempt by the City and County in creating a Lake and Reservoir for the storage of local drinking water. Thousands of viable Marr Estates home sites were acquired for this failed Drinking Water Storage project.

  • The MarrLand property contains 2 Heliports for fire protection.

  • Howard Marr, the Developer at MarrLand also owned and began residential developments at the Townsite of Santa Susana in the 1920's

  • Legal battles in the 1930's between Howard Marr and his Son Morton Marr halted developments at both Santa Susana and the MarrLand residential subdivision. The Lot purchasers at the MarrLand subdivision were "Locked Out" as a result of these legal battles.


  • In the 1940's the Son (Morton Marr) acquired the entire 2,785.82 acre MarrLand property, including the 900 acre MarrLand subdivision property, from the Father (Howard Marr), then he proceeded to Re-Subdivide large portions of the MarrLand Residential Subdivision into Acreage and then began the operations of a Cattle Ranch and called the property Marr Ranch.

  • The purchasers at the MarrLand subdivision were still being "Locked Out" of the property, and now their residential properties were being used for cattle grazing

  • The Depression at the end of 1929 and years of the Marr's legal problems caused many of the purchasers at MarrLand to become discouraged about being able to ever build at MarrLand, so they stopped paying their property taxes. As these Tax Defaults piled up Morton Marr struck a deal with the Tax Collector to purchase the Tax Defaulted Lots at a fraction of what was owed on them rather then allowing them to go to Public Auction. The amount of Tax Defaulted Lots was huge and amounted to about 2/3 of the 3,500 lots.

  • In the 1970's Morton Marr was able to convince the County of Ventura that he needed a Property Tax Break and that the 900 acre MarrLand Residential Subdivision needed to be Conserved, so a 10 year min. Land Conservation Act Contract (LCA) with the County was approved and "Locked Out" the purchasers at MarrLand for yet another 10 years.

  • Construction of the failed Las Llajas Canyon Dam in the 1970's mostly resulted in the acquisition of thousands of the MarrLand home sites by the County of Ventura.
  • Electrical and telephone poles in both Las Llajas and Chivo Canyons were removed by the County and never replaced.
  • Water and Gas lines in both Las Llajas and Chivo Canyons were removed by the County and never replaced.
  • Several homes that had been built in Las Llajas Canyon were acquired by the County and then burned by the Ventura County Fire Department
  •  Residential Lots held by the County of Ventura are now simply "Surplus Property" being held back from residential development.

  • In connection with the development of the Crest at Wild Horse Canyon the Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District acquired most of the old MarrLand Country Club property, as well as thousands of the MarrLand residential lots and combined these properties into the "Marr Ranch Parkland"

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